My Revolution – Sinful Sunday Week 254


Let’s start a revolution.
Let’s be BOLD.
Let’s love our tummies,
our wrinkles, and curves.

Let’s celebrate our hips and thighs
And all the parts of us that magazines say
are too big or too small.

Let’s applaud our flaws and scars,
and enjoy that we don’t have to be
air-brushed perfection.

Let’s say “I love my body”
and mean it,
and feel comfortable in our own skin.

Let’s eat a meal and not feel guilty,
and exercise because it feels good.

Let’s listen to our bodies
and follow our intuition.

Let’s set our own
standards of beauty-
and open our eyes
to how gorgeous
we already are.

– Unknown


Sinful Sunday


10 thoughts on “My Revolution – Sinful Sunday Week 254

  1. Molly says:

    Love the words and this is such a sexy image, I love the dark lips and the hair falling down over your shoulders in contrast to the lightness of the rest of the image. A visual treat indeed


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