Review: NS Novelties Luxe Electra


Get ready to rumble with the whisper-quiet stylings of the Luxe chunky bullet, whose pearl-stirring purr arouses incredible stimulation from deep within. 2 speeds and 3 patterns pack a punch to skyrocket you to a swift release.
Silky smooth silicone runs from the tip to the base for skin soft sensation whether you’re using the rounded edge on your clit or resting the barrel against your labia.
Augment sud-soaking activities by enjoying your vibrator in the bathtub, or whip yourself into a lather in the shower.
Experience unbeatable sensation by coating the vibe with water-based lubricant before use.
Please note: The Luxe USB Rechargeable Vibrator has 5 functions and not 7 as stated on the packaging.
Satin storage bag
3 speeds and 4 patterns

NS Novelties Luxe Electra arrives in a white package featuring a slip cover with an image of the actual size of the vibe on the front and product information on the back. The vibrator is resting inside a piece of black foam. In the small box at the very end, you’ll find the pouch and charging cord.


There’s one button on the bottom of the toy that controls all functions.  To turn the toy on, you simply press and hold it once. Each press after that will take you to the next setting and when you’ve reached the final pattern, the vibe will turn offYou can also turn it off by pressing and holding down the power button again.
There are a total of 5 functions, 3 speeds and 4 patterns. The vibrations are mainly focused and carrying all the way through the tip.
The NS Novelties Luxe Electra is USB rechargeable and arrives with a partial charge. With a full charge (90 min) you can expect to get up to 120 min of use depending on the setting used. To charge it, one end of the USB cord gets plugged into the charging cap, and the other into your computer or wall adaptor which isn’t included. The cap magnetically connects to the metal pieces at the end of the toy, it is quite strong. When connected, a light on will glow indicating that the vibe is properly connected and charging.
Electra has a rounded point and is available in four color options – Pink, turquoise, white and black. Its shape isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but is slightly different than similar products because of the series of vertical swirling pattern/texture it features. This petite and chunky vibe is completely body safe, has a silky smooth silicone exterior and has 3.75 inches of insertable length and max girth of 1.2 inches. Its total length is 4.25 inches.

Being fully waterproof, not only is Electra easy to clean and care for, but it is also great for those who like to use toys in the bath and shower. After use, carefully wash it with mild soap and water or with your favorite toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Then, simply store it separately from other sex toys in the bag included. Remember to only use it with water-based lube.


sThe intensity of the power of Electra is actually very good. Not the best, but not bad either. Its vibrations are rumbly, intense, and have enough variety to please most users. enjoyed the pin-point sensation I was able to receive from the tip, but liked that it could also use the shaft (especially because of the texture of the exterior) if I wanted more coverage. Using the toy vaginally was also enjoyable, however I found that holding the end of it for long periods made my hand tired a bit.
Whilst I didn’t enjoy all the modes, but it is great to have such a wide variety. The sound is also very reasonable given the power level, I was actully really impressed.
Overall, I can see why a lot of people would be drawn to this vibrator. It’s body safe, rechargeable, compact, more affordable than a lot of similar products and powerful for such a small vibe.  
The size and power won’t be right for everyone, but I was even able to enjoy it. It’s great for external stimulation and shallow insertion, and I can see it being used by many beginners too.

*NS Novelties Luxe Electra was kindly sent to me free of charge from lovehoney for an honest review.


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