Review: Lovehoney Flaunt Me Floral Lace Basque


Getting that bombshell body has never been so easy as with the Flaunt Me basque. Its padded balcony cups, supportive boning, and clever panelling give a traffic-stopping hourglass shape, while sheer black lace gives a teasing glimpse of bare skin.
Designed to give your traffic stoppers a gentle and natural lift, the moulded balcony cups are underwired with adjustable lace-trimmed shoulder straps for the comfiest fit. At the apex, adjustable lace strapping can be positioned across the top of your twins for a kinkier look (as worn by our model), or add a pretty touch to the top of the bra.
The centre of the basque features a lined central panel, framed with 2 x plastic bones, that create a flattering V-shape. At the hips, curved gored seaming shapes your sides to balance the bust.
Finish the look by slipping on the matching lace thong, and adding lace-topped stockings. The suspender straps can be easily removed, or adjustable using the contrasting metal sliders.

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Review: Venus Balls


The Venus Balls are fantastic at strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, and a stronger pelvic floor means greater sexual intensity. Moreover, they can also help prevent incontinence and even eliminate mild cases altogether. The Venus Balls are recommended by gynecologists, urologists, and clinical sexologists and are perfect for women who don’t have the necessary time, space, or personal discipline required for regular and effective exercising of the pelvic floor. They can be worn on a daily basis, and the workout takes place all on its own.
Matte surface
Retrieval cord
Body safe silicone
Backed by a warranty‘s packaging is quite different from most toys I’ve seen and reviewed. The balls come in very minimalistic white cylinder and tube-like box featuring the logo and an illustration of the product in red. As well as a little information in the back and a sticker stating the color of the product inside. When you open it, you find the venus balls, a certificate of authenticity, the manual and a hand-made protective cloth pouch made with + swiss cotton.
The Venus Balls  classic edition offers a combined weight of 65 grams and each ball measures around 32mm in diameter. They are almost completely seamless and colored a bright and vibrant red, but are also available in white. These free-roaming jiggle balls are completely covered in silky medical-grade silicone and are sturdily joined together by a flexible silicone neck. They also feature a very stretchy and flexible removal cord for easy withdrawal.

The words “” are imprinted on it, which tend to catch lube during play time. However, you can easily wash them with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Be sure to let them dry thoroughly before storing in its soft, breathable cloth pouch and keep them in a cool, dark, dry place like suggested.


Ben Wa balls are balls which have an internal free-roaming weight inside them. And as you move, the little weights inside each ball jiggle around, hitting the sides of the shells they’re encased in and knocking the vaginal walls. Causing your PC muscles to make small, involuntarily contractions.

One of the first things I always do when reviewing and checking this type of products is making sure the connecting silicone in the middle is firm, which makes it easy to insert both of the balls. As well 
pulling on the silicone cord to see if the removal of the balls is easy and secure. Venus Balls passed the test.

At 65g, they are recommended for intermediate, people that have a good pelvic floor. And not so much for people who are just brand new to Kegels and don’t know where to begin. In that case, they offer the light version, which has a combined weight of 41 grams.

They recommend using the balls 2 to 3 times per week, for 2 to 3 hours at a time. However, if you want to wear them for a longer time you can. I you are just looking to tighten/tone your internal muscles, you can start off by wearing the balls for 15 minutes at a time and progress to longer periods.

The Venus Balls are incredibly easy to insert when they’re properly lubricated. A plash of a great water-based sex lube is really all you need. They’ll pop just straight in together and won’t feel uncomfortable at all once properly inserted. Then, your internal muscles’ll naturally clench around the balls to keep them in place.

To insert them, I find it easiest to lay on my back with my legs up, however I have heard you can insert them standing up, similar to putting a tampon. Once inside, I tent to clench my muscles around them and I’m always surprised to experience pleasure from doing that since the other jiggle balls I own don’t give me that feeling at all.

These fun to jiggle and the nice rolling sensation they provoke is amazing. And when I decided to sit down after wearing them while cleaning, the sensation sent waves of pleasure. Nothing extremely arousing but I definitely I could feel the movement. So great for foreplay, as they tease until you need more.The removal of the balls was easy and felt secure by pulling on the silicone cord. However, the balls can also be removed by simply forming a loop with the string and gently pulling the balls out.
Overall, I truly love these balls. They are practical, improve my health, are fun to wear and very pleasurable. I can also already tell they’ve helped strengthen my musclese. However, I have only found one real con, and that is firstly that they are pricy, which isn’t great if you are unsure if this is something you’d like to try. 
*The Venus Balls was kindly sent to me free of charge from for an honest review.

f6161-frisky2bgirl Review

Screenshot 2016-04-09 16.39.02
Today I am going to do something I have never done before, review a sex toy shop. The thought never occurred to me, but when I was asked to review it, I happily accepted the opportunity. It never hurts to find new sites to purchase products right?
The first thing I do when a company approaches me is check out how their site looks, what they are selling and make sure it doesn’t contain any offensive content. Tacky Sex Toys passed the test overall. is retailer that provides a large selection of toys and novelty items, carrying over 17,000 products for you to choose from. You can find sex toys made of plastic, glass, silicone and steel. Offering a selection of toys from respected manufacturers such as Tantus, LELO, We-Vibe, Sliquid and more.

I was thrilled to see they carried plus sizes, transgender apparel and even adult books. Go them! The anal toy selection looked pretty good too, though I did find couple unsafe toys. Just always make sure that it has a substantial flared base that prevents it from becoming lost in the rectum if you plan on ordering one.


The dildos and vibrators selection also looked great and I like how they allow you to browse subcategories. The only downside is that you can’t select to only see the newest toys or order by price. I must add, I did see toys made of porous materials like jelly and PVC for sale, which aren’t safe to put inside your body but that’s something I can’t control obviously. So please be careful, read the materials of the products before purchasing and always go with nonporous materials for your sex toys.
Another thing I noticed I know a lot of people take issue with is that they have gendered their selection of products by having a section for “Men’s Toys“. Something the sex-positive community would like to see retailers avoid. Labeling this category as “prostate toys” or such would definitely be a great idea. 

The site itself is very easy to navigate on both desktops and mobile devices and isn’t flooded with ads. It offers a menu with categories listed, as well as a search bar at the very top, so it’s really easy to find what you are looking for. They also provide a site map so you don’t have difficulties locating something on their site. There is also a red button featuring a shopping cart so you can directly access to the items you add and easily proceed to order.

FullSizeRender (4)Screenshot 2016-04-09 16.51.12

When it comes to ordering, all you have to do is add a product to your card and proceed to checkout by logging in or creating an account to be able to track the status of your order(s) and review them if wanted. Maybe in the future they will also add a way to check out as a guest for a quicker way to shop without having to save your details. After that, you have to choose your preferred shipping method (usually UPS unless you must use an P.O. Box), add special instructions, apply a discount code if you have one and finally pay using a debit or credit card or via Paypal (which is quick method many people prefer over entering their credit card number). You can find their Ordering FAQ here, but don’t be afraid of contacting them if you have any other questions. I got to chat to Pinky, their Marketing Manager and she was very attentive and helpful.

Tacky Sex Toys understands the importance of privacy, they will always ship your purchases and bill you discretely. All of their orders are shipped with packaging labels on the inside of a plain box, and blank shipping labels on the outside. Their billing system never mentions your order details or the company’s name on your statement. They have also even developed a fair price pledge, which in my opinion is fantastic! Read all about it here.

I hope to see them offering free shipping on certain orders in the near future, be more active on their social media accounts to engage with customers and run occasional sales or host giveaways both on their own site and with bloggers. I also hope they make a commitment to selling more body-safe toys.

Overall, Tacky Sex Toy‘s genuinely wants to offer their customers a better shopping experience and are in my opinion headed in the right direction. They have competitive prices and have a nice selection of products and several categories, so next time you are shopping for a new sex toy, lube, bondage or other adult products and accessories, make sure you stop by their page and subscribe to their newsletter to receive the latest offers, discounts and updates! 

*This is a sponsored post which means, I have been compensated for writing it. Opinions are my own.