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This elegant, upscale, and hand-crafted G-Spot Vibe was made with amazing attention to detail.

The Icicles Number 15 glass massager will leave you breathless and wanting more. This Icicles glass G-Spot toy is hypoallergenic, nonporous, waterproof, safe for everyday use, and was built to last a lifetime.

This pairs with the included bullet that goes perfectly with the glass Icicle G-Spot Vibe. For different experiences, run it under warm water to heat things up. If you’re looking to cool down, chill it under cold water or place it in the freezer.

Since the Icicle is glass, clean up is not a worry. We recommend a brand name Toy Cleaner in addition to warm water to clean this product. You can even run the Icicle in your Dishwasher on the “Sanitize” setting for easy clean up.

This toy features ten different patterns of pulsations, perfect curve for G-Spot stimulation. The bullet can be used with or without glass Icicle toy.

10 patterns
Dishwasher Safe
 Hand-blown Glass
Anal Safe and Body Safe
The Pipedream Icicles No. 15 is a hand-blown glass dildo that includes a vibrating bullet and a control. However, the dildo itself is completely separate from the bullet and you can use each item separately. The bullet can be used on its own and the dildo without the vibrating bullet.
But, if you want to use them together, simply insert the bullet in the hole at the base of the Icicles No. 15 and easily control the vibrations with the remote. 
The vibrator runs on three AAA batteries which can be inserted through the backside of the remote. And the bullet can be unplugged from the remote to make it easier to store the two of them.


Icicles No. 15 has a length of 6.75″ and a width of 1.25″. The dildo is made of 100% non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and non-porous glass. Which makes it incredibly body-safe and easy to clean. You can safely clean it with toy wipes, antibacterial soap and warm water or sterilize it with a bleach solution if needed.
This material is also perfect for temperature play. You can run the toy under hot or warm water to heat it up, or chill it under cold water or in the freezer for an cool sensation. However, remember to test the temperature on your hand to make sure it isn’t too hot or too cold.
The Icicles No. 15 is sightly curved and very textured, it has small rounded bumps and swirls all around it. The base being the only part that’s completely smooth, yet it has two little sides that form a t right above the finger loop. Meaning you can slip it inside and not worry about losing it if not using the bullet.
The Icicles No. 15 arrives in the standard packaging for the Icicles line of toys. A elegant and simple cardboard box that has a magnetic flap on the front  that opens up to reveal the toy nestling inside a white foam trayOutside the box images of the toy are on every side, along with information on what the package contains.
The dildo comes completely protected and doesn’t move around inside the package during storage. It also doesn’t come with a pouch.


The Icicles No. 15 was sent to me by LustVibes. They provided me a coupon code to visit their website, go through their checkout process and order the product for free. It was all fairly easily and I can ensure they’re providing a good customer experience.

For me, the texture along the shaft and the toy itself is really intense. The dots, the swirls, the bulbs. They’re a little too much for my liking. The too curved, textured, bumped and unforgiving material can be way too intense and even painful. It’s also important to be cautious with thrusting because it’s possible to accidentally thrust too hard and cause discomfort. I would definitely recommend to really lubricate the toy and being warmed up before using it.

During use, I noticed the vibrations do transfer through the glass just fine. Nothing too strong, but you can definitely tell and feel that the toy is vibrating.
 However, at one point I had to stop using the bullet as it seemed to get hot very quick and started to smell a bit like smoke.

Icicles No. 15 glass dildo is okay overall. It’s very easy to use and its made from safe materials. The dots on the shaft could possibly be too intense for some or really pleasurable others.  The smoke-smell issue was kind of a bumper though and other reviewers have had that same issue too, so I would recommend using another bullet with it.
If you’re interested in this toy, or want to check out a wide variety of products, visit LustVibes. You have the option to check out as a Guest! Also, all orders are delivered in just a couple of days in a very discreet package.



*Icicles No 15 was kindly sent to me free of charge from LustVibes for an honest review.



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