Review: iroha+ Yoru

The iroha brand’s defining Soft Touch material comes paired with a powerful motor and a new rhythm pattern, in a fully waterproof design for use in water. Tease, squeeze and play with the iroha+ and its three functional designs to experience your body with new-found intimacy.

Defined Edges
Simple Controls
Soft to the touch
Anti-Dust coating

The packaging for Yoru is classy looking, it features a sleeve that shows an image of the toy on the front, and contains product information on the back. Inside the sleeve are two boxes, one that’s white and one that’s black. The white box contains the user manual and charging cord, and the black one houses Yoru already inside the plastic charger unit/storage case.

IMG_7617 IMG_7623 IMG_7618

Yoru features only to buttons, making it extremely easy to operate. To turn the toy on, press and hold down the plus button until you feel the toy start vibrating. Then, each press of the same button will take you to the next setting and keep cycling. To go back to a previous setting, simply press the minus button. To turn it off press and hold the minus button.
Yoru has five levels of intensity, and two patterns. The patterns honestly do nothing for me, but that’s just because I like my vibrations constant and I’m truly not a fan of waves or pulses. The vibrations on the other hand, are much deeper than I expected, and I was pleasantly surprised. 
The Iroha+ Yoru charges magnetically by sitting on a black and flat charging platform that has a USB cord that plugs into it. You can either plug it to your computer, or use the included wall adaptor. When charging, properly plugged in and connected to the charging base, a small light will glow from the charging base to let you know it’s charging. And, once complete, the light will shut off.
The base also has a clear plastic top/lid and doubles as a storage container. And while this charging dock in not discreet, it’s a fine place to store your toy. However, you can put everything inside the charging base and store it the black box it came in to make it more discreet if needed.

Thanks to its rechargeable battery, Yoru can give you up to sixty minutes of pleasure. This toy is also completely waterproof, making it completely safe for use in the shower or bath.

IMG_7634 IMG_7632

Made from hypoallergenic, luxurious, medical grade gray silicone, Tenga iroha+ Yoru has an incredibly squishy and soft exterior. Its body is completely smooth except for a couple ribs at it sides and bottom so it really does glides fairly easily across the skin. Yoru also features a split/indented tip that’s quite firm, but yet squishy. This open design serves a purpose of squeezing and pinching, which unlike the iroha sakura, does kind of work because it’s indented enough to pinch it closed against your clit or nipples. The other tip, which is a bit squarish, is completely squish.
Yoru looks like a little and totally adorable charcoal gray whale; in the hand, it’s a perfect fit. Iroha+ Yoru is very easy to clean too, carefully wash it with mild soap and water or with your favorite toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. 

No joking I spent about 10 minutes fondling tIMG_7706he poor thing as soon as I opened the box. It was just so hard to stop squishing and playing with it!

When I finally stopped and turned it on, I was surprised by its vibrations. They are much deeper and rumblier than I imagined they would be. They travel well throughout the whole toy making it great because you can use any area of it to stimulate your body. However, this can at the same time can make your fingers feel a little tingly which is slightly annoying sometimes.

When it comes to its soft and malleable form I’m not sure I enjoy it as much when I’m actually using it. It’s probably too soft and squishy for my liking because even though I can grind against it all day long and don’t feel uncomfortable, the squishiness can be slightly frustrating. Whenever I feel like applying more pressure, the soft silicone gives in against me and I struggle to orgasm. However, I found that if I use the tip to pinch (I wasn’t really a fan of using it that way) or rubbed the flat part at the opposite end it back and forth against my clit to create a flicking sensation I could definitely enjoy it much more.


The type of stimulation you can get with iroha+ Yoru depends on which part of the toy I hold against yourself. It’s great if you like broad stimulation, but not so great if you need very direct pinpoint focus. Overall, I think it’s a great and versatile vibrator I can see myself using when wanting a nice and relaxed solo session.
*The iroha+ Yoru was kindly sent to me free of charge from iroha TENGA for an honest review.


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