Review: Kiiroo Pearl


Pearl is a beautiful, technologically advanced G-spot vibrator designed to fulfill your most intimate needs in ways you never thought possible. You can have an evening for one or have an intimate experience with your partner online. However you choose to indulge, Pearl will take your breath away.

Body Safe
Water resistant
Bluetooth Enable
9 Vibration Modes
Sensitive Touch Vibration
Interactive Pleasure Product

The Pearl came in sturdy black box (which is a bit bulky but it’s also durable and great for storage.) with a sleeve around it that features images of the dildo along with text about the product. When you open the box the first thing you’ll notice is the bright red piece of foam molded perfectly to cradle and contour and shape the vibrator. As well as the charging cable, storage bag and authenticity card. The user manual is available online in order to save on paper.


Kiiroo Pearl is powered by just one button located at the bottom of the toy. To turn it on simply hold down the button for a few seconds until a red light appears. Then it is ready to be used solo or be connected to the Kiiroo platform. To sift through the different patterns, all you have to do is keep on pressing the button.

The Pearl has nine different vibration settings and you can even control them by tapping the touch-sensitive control located at the base of the vibrator, this allows you to effortlessly control the vibrations by moving the Pearl along your body.


*Kiiroo Platform

Kiiroo products are perfect for couples who aren’t able to be with each other physically but want to be intimate using the secure video-chat app.

In order to use the Kiiroo Platform all you need is a wireless connection and bluetooth. If you want to learn more about the bluetooth compatibility, check here.

The Kiiroo application is a safe and secure video chat program that allows you to connect with your partner and sync with interactive videos of FeelPorna. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to invite anyone to the chat by using a secure six-digit password. After that, you can start playing. The actual chatroom is very nice and sleek and allows you to chat, doodle, and turn on your mic and camera.

I have to be honest though, this process was a bit tricky for me. My device didn’t connect to my laptop at first and wouldn’t let me go any further because it’s needed to instantly connect the device. I struggled for a while and ended up contacting their technical support. Once fixed I was finally able to pair the two.


Made from ABS plastic and coated with a soft and smooth silicone shaft, the Pearl features a slight  curved tip that allows G-spot stimulation. The Pearl is water resistant, and even waterproof as long as its charging cap is securely in place but I personally wouldn’t submerge it. The Pearl is about 7.5 inches long and it completely rechargeable. When charging, a bright red light glows and it takes a few hours for it to charge fully.

Inside Pearl are 5 touch-sensitive haptic rings that allows you and a partner to pleasure each other by the communication between the devices. The Pearl can be used solo with 5 different vibrating modes or controlled remotely. That way, the motions are captured and instantly replicated on a receiving Onyx. Or controlled from a remote Onyx or another Pearl.

When I first tested it I realized that while its tip can be used for clitoral stimulation, it would take me forever to be able to have an orgasm that way. The rumbly vibrations helped but they are definitely not strong enough for my liking. Internally though it was another story! The firm shaft allows me to apply pressure with it, the size is just right in my opinion and the surface of the silicone feels so wonderful inside.

The Pearl can also sync online with interactive videos from FeelPorna and allow you to feel your favorite scene since the intensity of the vibrations adjust to what you see.

The only issue I had with it besides the pairing step, is that the button is quite hard to press. It certainly takes a bit of pressure, which can be annoying when you’re in the mood or simply want to turn it off after use.

Overall I think the Pearl is a fantastic and versatile device for anyone wanting to experiment new things, specially those in long distance relationships. Offering a unique experience that both can enjoy at the same time and new updates constantly in the works. The platform is great and easy to use, the vibrator is innovative and there are a variety of options. If you are interested, you can get it + 1 free month of FeelPorna for $149 at!


*The Pearl was kindly sent to me free of charge from Kiiroo for my honest review.


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